Welcome, konakalab!

Research topics of Konaka Lab. are the follows:

  • Process optimization
    • Model predictive control (MPC) of hybrid systems
    • Control rule extraction from operation patterns
  • Data-based control
      Binary control using machine learning (SVM, approximate nearest neighbour, neural network, and so on)
  • Binary manipulator / Hybrid manipulator
    • Ellipsoidal approximation of workspace
    • Quick algorithm for inverse kinematics problem
  • Networked control systems (NCS)
    • Quantizad control
    • Control performance of NCS with packet loss
  • Statistics in Sports
    • Universal rating method for ball games
    • Evaluation of ranking methods
    • Match result prediction model
  • iOS application developing, developer name is konakalab
    • "Fourier Touch" is the best hit of konakalab. iTunes preview is here. This app is selected as "Whats' hot" in app stores of US. (from Jan-2011)
  • Curriculum vitae
    • Name: Eiji KONAKA
    • Title: Associate Professor
    • Affiliation: Dept. of Information Engineering, School of Science and Engineering, Meijo University
    • Address: 1-501, Shiogamaguhi, Nagoya, Aichi, 468-8502, JAPAN
    • Office: Room 2-302 (2nd Bdg., Tenpaku campus)
    • Phone: +81-52-838-2091
    • FAX: +81-52-832-1298
    • Email: konaka(at)meijo-u.ac.jp


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